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Click links below to hear or download audio of the Strumstick. (MP3s of Bob McNally playing the strumstick)

G Strumstick clip #1 beginner level playing

G Strumstick clip #2 slightly more advanced

G Strumstick Onward and Upward! (© Bob McNally 1995)

G Strumstick Interlude #1 (From Spotted Cow, © Bob McNally 1990)

G Strumstick Interlude #2 (From Spotted Cow, © Bob McNally 1990)

D Strumstick intermediate level playing on the larger ("D") Strumstick

More D samples at: Playing With Two Strumsticks

The C (Alto) Strumstick

The Double Strumstick:

Double SS Clip 1(scales)
Double SS Clip 2 (Cross Strumming)
Double SS Clip 3 (Slow)
Double SS Clip 4 (Waterbound)

The Ukelele Strumstick:

Uke Clip 1
Uke SS Clip 2

The 4-String Chromatic Strumstick:

4Str Chromatic Clip 1
4Str Chromatic Clip 2
4Str Chromatic Clip 3
4Str Chromatic Clip 4

The Long Scale 3-String Chromatic:

3Str Chromatic Clip 1
3Str Chromatic Clip 2

Electric Strumstick :

Amplified SS Clip 1 (rocky)
Amplified SS Clip 2 (heavy)
Amplified SS Clip 3 (heavier)
Amplified SS Clip 4 (Plunky Jive)
Amplified SS Clip 5 (sweet)
Amplified SS Clip 6 (latin-ish)
Amplified SS Clip 7 (funky)

Acoustic Strumstick with Built-in Pickup:

D with Pickup
Low A with Pickup 1
Low A with Pickup 2

Playing with Two Strumsticks:

A whole page full of examples!


Strumstick® Sounds
AnyTime, AnyPlace, AnyBody!




More resources:

Link to Bob McNally's YouTube Strumstick Videos

Also search YouTube for Strumstick, there are more than 1,000 entries there

See The Instructions and resources page for more audio and video examples