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1. On the Songbook Page you will find about 70 songs for the McNally Strumstick. We have those songs available in a printed booklet, see Strumstick Songbook. You can also download a Free pdf version of the songbook here:  "Songs For the McNally Strumstick pdf."

2. Dulcimer Music for Strumstick.
There are many sites on the web with songs written out for Dulcimer, using tablature (a system for showing strings and frets). Some of these songs may apply directly to the Strumstick, while some may require some translation. Here are some instructions to help make Dulcimer songs accessible to Strumstick players.

3. How to Get More Songs

   A. Search YouTube for "strumstick".
You will find thousands of videos of people playing a host of songs, some are tutorials.

   B. Song Websites:
There are numerous sites on the web that provide words and chords to many, many songs. We have written up step by step instructions how to use a legal site (Ultimate Guitar) to find songs, and to change the key into the key of your Strumstick. Click here: Finding Songs on The Web


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