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Strumsticks with Built-in Pickups
add $90
(Model G-29) PLAIN SOUNDHOLE Only (inlay soundhole pictured)
This is the original Strumstick design. The primary key is G, also tunable down as low as C or up to A. Useable keys are C, C#, D, D#, E, F, F#, G, G#, and A. See also Alternate Tunings in the Players Area. We also make a larger Strumstick pitched lower (the D (Grand) Strumstick).
The G (Standard) is 29 1/2 long by 4 wide by 1 deep.
The body and neck are American Cherry, the soundboard is Spruce, and the back is Maple.
The tuning is G D G (one octave higher). The lower G is the same note as the guitar third string.
The frets are placed to give a diatonic scale, with an additional flatted seventh. Pitch range is 2 1/2 octaves.
The Strumstick has it's own unique sound, bright, clear, and snappy. See the Sounds Page for samples. People say it reminds them of a blend of banjo, dulcimer, and mandolin.
The strings are loop end (banjo or mandolin), .023 wound, .014 plain, .010 plain (see Accessories)
Includes a free instruction book and instruction CD.
Case available (see Accessories).


G Standard Strumstick Cherry QTY:

Strumstick Soft Case $20
Soft Padded Cases are made of a coated waterproofed material. Adjustable strap, pocket under the flap, velcro closure.

QTY: Select Type of Strumstick

Hard Case available for G and D (click)


The G Strumstick® in American Cherry

Free Instruction Book and CD


Display Stand Not Included

Display Stand Not Included
Display Stands
$39 & $49
Electronic Tuner


Soft Cases $20
Song Book
Leather Strap

Stick-on Pickup

Portable Amp