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This feature will add a new song approximately every week. We are experimenting with two new kinds of Strumstick notation. One is TAB (for Tablature) which uses lines to show strings, and numbers to show which fret gets played on which string.

The other is NUM (for Numbers) system. Here a number [0, 3, 2] represents a note on the first string. A minus sign(–) or two minus signs(=) in dicate 2nd or 3rd string.

Songs are posted in pdf. format, which may require Adobe Reader. Many systems already have Reader, or other ways of reading .pdf files

Piano Man (Billy Joel) TAB

Piano Man (Billy Joel) NUM

Dream Dream Dream (The Everly Bros.) TAB

(NUM not available)

Maggie May (Rod Stewart) TAB
Maggie May (Rod Stewart) NUM

Sounds of Silence (Paul Simon)

Service songs:
Army TAB
Navy TAB
Air Force TAB
Marines TAB

Instructions for TAB



TAB Instructions



Here is how Strumstick TAB works:
• The 3 lines are the 3 strings.
• String 1 is the thinnest, the highest pitched, the one closest to the floor when you are holding the strumstick in playing position.
• A number on a string means play that fret on that string. 0 means the string is open (no finger).
• Since we often strum all three strings, we will not write lots of 0s to show all three strings being played. If you see a note on a string, assume that you can finger that note and also strum all three. Or just pluck the single note if you like.

To show chords or harmonies, we can show notes on all three or any two strings. At the beginning of Twinke here, we show 0,0,0, strumming all the strings open, as you would normally do. Then at “lit-tle” we see 0,3,5, which is 3rd string-open, 2nd string-3rd fret, 1st string-5th fret, all at the same time. This is a chord (I suggest 1st finger and pinky as easiest fingering). Hold the chord until it says otherwise, so the 2nd half of “lit-tle”, that is, “-tle” is also the chord again. At “star” we see 0,0,4....we write the 0s there to let you know the chord has changed. Likewise at “How”, “won-”, “what”, and “are”.

Song of the Week

TAB is a very common way of representing music for Guitar, Dulcimer, and other fretted instruments, without standard music notation. The big advantage of this notation is how easy it is to show what is happening on all three strings ( such as when chords or harmony notes are added)


The song pages are viewable as files. If your browser does not open them when you click, you may need Adobe Reader, available for free from: