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Help us test Strumstick Loops!

Strumstick Loops is a fun new learning and playing tool we are developing. Here's how it works:

Here are three mp3 files. Two are loops for you to play with, the third has examples of some of the kinds of things you can do (that's me playing along with the loop). These are on a G Strumstick.

Test Loop #1

Test Loop #2

Test Loop #2 with examples

If you have a D Strumstick, use a capo at the 3rd fret


The loop files are simple strumstick rhythmic patterns played over and over again. They make great backgrounds for you to play with; you can make up random melodies (just play anything!), or improvise little musical ideas, or even play regular songs against the loop, and fun things happen. Remember how the Strumstick starts off, where you just play any notes on the first string, while strumming all three? You can still do just that, but the loop provides a steady rhythm background while you play, that helps "carry you along". If you are a more advanced player, you can add different chords, and play complex melodies and rhythms along with the loop. The loops are designed to me musically "neutral" so most of what you might play will sound very cool with them.









We want your help!
Our plan is to release a CD with many different looped backgrounds on it, different speeds, different patterns, different musical "feels". Some of them will have examples of what you might play, to give you ideas. Please tell us you experience playing with these two loops...Like, what additional instructions would be good? Was it fun? Was it easy/hard? Did you get bored right away or play all night? Should the loops be longer? You get the idea..please tell us what you think we should know to improve this learning tool..

contact us at:Strumstick Mail

Strumstick® Loops Test Page