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Strumstick Instruction

Beginning Instructions

Beginners Instructions (Quick Start)
The First Five Minutes
Second Five Minutes
Songlets (little songs)

Advanced Instructions:
Strumming and Rhythms
Special Effects
How To Use All The Rhythm Elements
Alternate tunings and Capo Use
Quick and Dirty Music Theory
Electrify Your Strumstick
How To Play Songs
Song Pages
Care and Feeding

Playing With Two Strumsticks
Learning Guitar With Strumstick
Changing Strings
Using Dulcimer Music with Strumstick


• Intro to Standard
• Intro to Grand
• The First 5 Minutes
• Notes on the 2nd and 3rd strings
•Chords on D Grand
• Chords on G Standard
• Chord Closeups
Strumming and Rhythms
• Songlets


Strumstick® Instructions and Resources

(From the Strumstick Instruction CD):

Introduction To The Strumstick
How To Hold The Strumstick
Strumstick Basic Playing Part 1
Strumstick Basic Playing Part 2
Strumstick Demo Of Basic Playing
Before Continuing With The Strumstick
Strumstick Strumming (Basic Technique)
Strumstick Basic Rhythm
Strumstick Advanced Rhythm
Strumstick Accenting
Strumstick Sliding, Hammering On And Pulling Off
Introduction To The Grand Strumstick
Grand Strumstick Instruction Conclusion
Grand Strumstick Music 1
Grand Strumstick Music 2
Tuning The Standard Strumstick
G Tuning Notes For The Strumstick
Tuning The Grand Strumstick
Grand Strumstick D Note (Low)
Grand Strumstick A Note
Grand Strumstick D Note (High)
How To Play Songs On The Strumstick
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
This Land Is Your Land
Jingle Bells
Old Joe Clark
Oh When The Saints
Strumstick Instruction Conclusion
Strumstick Interlude 1
Strumstick Interlude 2
Strumstick Interlude 3
Strumstick Interlude 4
Miscellaneous Strumstick Music 1
Miscellaneous Strumstick Music 2
Miscellaneous Strumstick Music 3
Miscellaneous Strumstick Music 4