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Lost Book and CD?
Replacement Instruction Book, CD, and Pick $12

Instruction Book , CD, and Pick Free with G, D, or Mini Strumstick purchase.
The Strumstick comes with full instructions and songs. You get an instruction booklet, an instruction CD, and a pick. The booklet and CD work together to explain and illustrate basic and advanced playing of the Strumstick.

Emphasis is placed on getting Complete Beginners started.The instructions include playing songs, and adding chords to songs. The songs are written out with words and fret numbers (this is all exlained in the instructions). The boinstructions also include more advanced playing, such as Fancy strumming, making up interesting rhythms, adding extra notes (ornaments),

The instruction CD provides lots of encouragement, and demonstrates what the beginning instructions sound like. The CD gives you notes to tune both the G Standard Strumstick and the D Grand Strumstick. There are also lots of advanced techniques, samples of songs, and examples of more complex playing. The CD also has some additional Strumstick music just to listen to.

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How To Play Songs

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Strumstick® Instructions
No Wrong Notes and No Talent Required

Completely new Instruction book !
as of Oct 2010
Free .pdf download here (22MB, be patient!)
Strumstick Instruction Book 2010 PDF version