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Electric Strumstick

Electric Strumsticks are $550.

They have a single volume control, knob style may vary. Have questions?, email us or call 1-800 397-6563.

The Electric Strumstick sounds Great! They have a full rich sound, and they have all the ease and intuitive playing the Strumstick is famous for. These are tuned to "D" (but can be tuned to C, E, or even F) they are the same scale length as the Grand Strumstick. For "D", we string .009, .013, .022w, a little lighter than acoustic Strumsticks. They use ball end (guitar) strings. With even lighter strings ( .008, .011, .020w) they can tune up to "G", and with heavier strings (.012, .016, .026w) they tune down to "A", my favorite, giving a deep mellow tone.

The pickups are Lace Alumitones; a new type of single coil pickup. It is noiseless, high output, and very clean across a wide frequency range. I really like the way it sounds, it has a complexity and richness that I appreciate as an acoustic instrument maker. You can hear a demo mp3 at: Electric Strumstick Demo

And here are a few Electric Strumstick videos
Electric Strumstick Loops part I .mov
Electric Strumstick Loops part II.mov

Electric Strumstick Model 1 $550

Padded Gig Bag case For Electric Strumstick: $75

The Electric Strumstick®