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String Order is Opposite
Chords Figure

2. Dulcimer String Order is Opposite
TAB for the Strumstick and the Dulcimer are very similar, except!!!!
Dulcimer 1st string is at the bottom of the TAB lines.
Strumstick 1st string is at the top of the TAB lines. See figure.
Therefore you have to either rewrite the dulcimer TAB for Strumstick, or mentally reverse the positions of the strumstick strings.
Strum all three strings, the other strings are assumed to be 0 (open)

Extra or 6 1/2 Fret:

There are many sites on the web with Dulcimer music posted as Tablature (TAB for short). Tablature uses horizontal lines for strings, and numbers for frets. TAB reads left to right. Here is how to adapt it for Strumstick use.

To Find Dulcimer Music in Tablature, search the web using this link: "Dulcimer Music TAB DAD"

There are Three Things you need to know!
1. DAD Dulcimer TAB only.
2. String order is opposite.
3. Dulcimer calls 7th fret the 6 1/2 fret.

. DAD Dulcimer tuning Only
Dulcimers are tuned several ways. The most common are DAD and DAA. DAD dulcimer TAB works readily on the Strumstick.

Note: You can use DAD Dulcimer music with both the G Strumstick or the D Strumstick, even though it says DAD

If the Music is for a DAA Dulcimer, these instructions do not apply.

3. Dulcimer TAB with "extra fret" (6 1/2 fret.)
Some Dulcimer TAB uses 6, 6+, 7. The 6 1/2 is an "extra" fret because the oldes dulcimers did not have that fret.

If you have any questions about translating Dulcimer music to Strumstick, please contact us
To Find Dulcimer Music in Tablature, search the web (using Google or Yahoo,) these links will search for "Dulcimer Music TAB DAD"

If you come across Dulcimer TAB that has the indication for "6+", simply number the strumstick frets like the dulcimer; 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 6 1/2, 7, 8 etc

Chords.... Notes on Several Strings
Dulcimer TAB may show notes on several strings at the same time (Chords). Any numbers in a vertical line are to be played at the same time. You can use these same numbers for Strumstick, as long as you remember to swap strings 1 and 3. Rewriting as Strumstick TAB may save confusion when dealing with notes on more than one string. See Chords Figure

Using Dulcimer Music on the Strumstick®