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Model DVD 1
This Video shows everything you need to know to start playing Strumstick. How to hold it, strum it, finger notes easily, how to tune, and how to play songs. It goes on to show how to play interesting rhytms, create songlets, do fancy techniques like sliding and hammering on, and using chords. See the chapters list for more details.

Click for sample videos:
Part 1: Getting Started
More video from the DVD:
Part Two: Songlets
Part Three: Strumming and Rhythms
Tuning the D Grand Strumstick
Tuning the G Standard Strumstick
Tuning the G down to D
Chords for the D Strumstick
Chords for the G Strumstick

The DVD also comes with a wealth of supplemental material as computer readable DVD-ROM files; the whole Strumstick Instruction Book & Owners Manual, the complete Strumstick Instruction CD, the Strumstick Advanced Instruction Book, and more (see list of DVD ROM contents).

$15 plus shipping

1. Introduction
2. Part One: Getting Started
3. Part Two: Songlets
4. Part Three: Strumming and Rhythms
5. Part Four: Notes on Strings 2 & 3
6. Part Five: Playing Songs
Twinkle Twinkle
7. Mary Had a Little Lamb
8. Songs with Notes on Other Strings
9. Will the Circle Be Unbroken
10. This Land is Your Land (basic)
11. Part Six: Fancy Stuff
This Land is Your Land (fancy)
12. Part Seven: Starting Chords
This Land is Your Land (with chords)
13. Part Eight: More Fancy Stuff
This Land is Your Land (advanced)
14. Appendix: Tuning and Chords
15. Tuning D Grand Strumstick
16. Tuning G Standard Strumstick
17. Tuning G Standard down to D
(to play with the Video)
18. Chords on D Grand
(with chord diagrams)

19. Chords on G Standard
(with chord diagrams)

20. Close-up views of Chord fingerings

Additional DVD-ROM material
(view on computer)
.pdf document files:
Strumstick Instruction Book
& Owners Manual
Learning Guitar with Strumstick
Playing with Two Strumsticks Together
Strumstick Advanced Instruction Book
Strumstick Flyer
.mp3 (audio) files
Enjoy The Noise (Strumstick Instruction CD with additional music, Complete)
Onward and Upward ©Bob McNally Strumstick Theme Music!


Strumstick® Instruction DVD