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Strumstick Soft Case

Soft Padded Cases are made of a coated waterproofed material. All have adjustable straps, a pocket for strings under the flap, and a velcro closure. Note: The case for the 3 string Chromatic Strumstick is unpadded

Both the G and the D cases Black, the other cases are Blue; HOWEVER we work with the colors our supplier has, and the color will often be different than these.


QTY: Select Type of Strumstick

If you are not sure which Strumstick you have:
The G (Standard) Strumsticks are 29" long, 3 strings.
D (Grand) 33", 3 strings
C (Alto) 24", 3 strings
Ukelele 26", 4 strings
4 String Chromatic 32", 4 strings
Long Scale 3 String Chromatic 36", 3 strings

Strumstick® Soft Cases