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Backpacker Guitar
This is the Travel Guitar that started it all. This Guitar was designed by Bob McNally and is Made with great attention to quality by CF Martin &Co. Solid Mahogany neck, sides, and back, and a solid spruce top. Light weight ( ~2lbs), 32" x 8" x 2". Available as a Steel string or Nylon string model; The nylon string has a wider Fretboard and onger scale length. Left-handed versions also available.

$229 Steel String
Signed by Bob McNally



Backpacker Model (select)
Steel String $229

The Backpacker is no longer available with built-in Pickup

In 1981 Bob Designed the first Backpacker Guitar. Over the years he developed the design and after making nearly 1000 of them, in 1992 he licensed the design to CF Martin & Co. Since then more than 200,000 Backpackers have been sold. There are now numerous other travel guitar designs, but the Backpacker put the travel guitar on the map, literally and figuratively. Hikers, airline pilots, truckers and military personel, teachers and explorers and even astronauts who carried a specially designed Backpacker on the Space Shuttle have had their guitar with them where no other guitar had dared to go before! Bob's design placed the emphasis on light weight, durability, and low bulk, while still achieving decent tone. Rather than being an alternative to a full-sized guitar, the Backpacker was designed to be an alternative to NO guitar. Hundreds of thousands of players have agreed with this design intention. From the two poles, to the deserts and jungles and Mt Everest and even orbiting the planet, The Backpacker Guitar has covered the world.


The Backpacker® Guitar